Event Video

Often called “Sizzle Reels”, these videos are typically high-energy, fast-paced with lots of shots and edits. The challenge is to capture the essence and energy of a live event—which might be several hours—and condense it into a 2 to 3 minute video that, well, “sizzles.” We’ve had the good fortune to film and produce many of these. Lots of fun!


"Larry and his team at Point 3 Media are my exclusive partner for all the video projects that we do for the Provincial Development Group, the Nashville Leadership Luncheon, as well as my recommendation of choice for all of my client’s video initiatives. Larry has a remarkable ability to process a lot of information and create a compelling story line through the medium of video, that uniquely expresses the essence of a company and why they matter in the marketplace."  Blain Wease, President, Provincial Development Group