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Quality of message, clarity of message and high production values are expected from these types of advertisers. We pride ourselves on exceeding these expectations, from concept and copywriting all the way through the production process. 


"I cannot say enough good things about Larry Roy and Point 3 media. We gave them the task of creating a series of television commercials for our facial plastic surgery clinic in Birmingham Alabama. We were looking for a very high-end product. Something that did not give the impression of a "used car salesman". We wanted to project the high level of quality care that we provide for our patients. We challenged Larry and his team to come up with innovative and eye catching ideas but also maintain an air of sophistication. He delivered on all points. The quality of his production was second to none, the quality of the actors that he utilized were outstanding and, in short, the commercials rivaled any national productions. We have used these commercials in our Birmingham market and received rave reviews from many of our patients and local colleagues." Daniel E. Rousso, M.D., President-Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic