About Point 3 Media


Founded in 1998, Point 3 Media has always operated with a “we can make that better” attitude. We’ve served more than 500 clients in that time, locally, regionally and nationally. Evolving from a syndicated advertising company to a boutique ad agency, to now operating primarily as a custom creative/production house with particular emphasis on video, we've always maintained the highest standards for creativity, production execution, and service to our clients. The result is quality work delivered on time and on budget.

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“I get the biggest charge out of the creative process. From brainstorming ideas to formulating a direction, to writing, producing or directing a project to completion. It’s fascinating what we can accomplish when we work together, and are allowed to shine as individuals. Our team is so talented and versatile, and always up for any challenge. The world has changed so much since I started 25 years ago. The technology advances are great, but the interaction with creative people rallying around a project is still what drives me. That, and the satisfaction that comes from exceeding a client’s expectations."... Larry Roy, President